All businesses have a great start-up story, but ours is our favorite

What started off as a joke, turned into a dream, and now is a reality. Elisha, the Owner of The Salty Lemon, knew she wanted to own a business for some time, but it wasn't until 2016 that she knew what the business would be. Having a restaurant that served all different flavors of lemonade was a joke she had with a coworker. But she couldn't get that idea off her mind. After about a year of thinking of different ideas and plans she settled on the idea of handcrafted, customizable lemonade that would be individually made to order. With the support and help from many friends and family, especially her husband, The Salty Lemon officially became a business in 2018. 


Elisha loves the ocean and knew she wanted the company to be beach themed, which is how the name The Salty Lemon came about. 

After many tried and failed attempts, the original lemonade recipe was the first to be perfected. Then came practicing with flavors and different sweeteners. So boom! The first menu was created. But don't worry, we are always looking for ways to add more fun, flavorful and creative lemonades to our menu!

Not only do we want to serve lemonade, we also want to serve our community, country, and world. That's why a percentage of profit made on the last market day of the month is used to help a different organization or group whose goal is to help others.

Find out a little bit about who she is


Elisha is a wife, dog mom, soon-to-be kid mom, team member at Toastique and Owner of The Salty Lemon. Ohio, Florida, and D.C. are all home to her, but she calls SW D.C. her current home where she lives with her husband, Will, and their dog, Louie. Elisha is a lover of the ocean, Oreos and Jesus, and believes summer is the only season you need in life. 

Her passion is people. She strives to make everyone feel valued, respected, and loves putting a smile on people's faces. To her, The Salty Lemon is much more than just selling lemonade; It is building relationships, helping others and using everyone's different gifts and talents to serve the best lemonade possible along with authentic, caring customer service.

Elisha comes to as many Farmers' Markets as she can and she would love for you to stop by, say hi, and serve you a lemonade!


Learn about how you can create your own lemonade

At The Salty Lemon we don't want you to drink lemonade that we love. We want you to drink lemonade that YOU love which is why you get to customize your lemonade the way you like. Of course, we have our own recipes we follow if you don't want anything in your lemonade changed. But if you do, no prob. So how do you customize your own lemonade? Follow the steps below! 

1. Try a sample of our original lemonade.

2. Let us know if you want it sweeter, more sour or if that's just how you like it.

3. Choose your sweetener: Sugar, Splenda, or Pure Cane Syrup. 

4. Add a flavor or keep it original. This may be the hardest decision you make all day. It's okay. 

5. Pick a size!

6. Get a sugared rim around the top or just a lid. So many choices, we know!

Look at you! You just made your own lemonade. Now all you need to do is come visit us at a Farmers' Market or Festival so we can make you that lemonade. 


Questions, comments or concerns? We want to hear about it! 





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